“Male Enhancement” Spam

www.inkthinkerblog.com — Don’t know what this has to do with male enhancement, but it sure made me chuckle!

In 1963 when he met Jack Twist They shook hands in the choky Forest Service got designated TOMORROW MORNIN well truck you Ennis, high arched nose and na The sheep trucks and horse tra They got the big tent up on th During the day Ennis looked ac Jack came lagging in late one Im commutin four hours a day, You want a switch? said Ennis. That aint the point. Point is, Wouldnt mind bein out there. T Cant be no worse than me, then They fended off the night for

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  • Apr 24, 2007

    You don’t know what this has to do with male enhancement, you say? Come on– don’t pretend you’ve never heard the phrase “They shook hands in the choky Forest” before…

    Your pal,
    sliced tongue

  • Apr 26, 2007

    Oh, the keywords in that little document, eh? LOL!

  • Apr 30, 2007

    Hire that copyrighter, right now! We don’t need to know what it means, just that it got out there.

    My Akismet (nice word) is littered with such trophies. Maybe we can go in on a joint project?

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