Client Plug: George Jansen’s The Fade-away Receives Rave Review — George Jansen’s second novel, The Fade-away, was released in June by Pocol Press (which, admittedly, has a pretty crappy website) and has already received a positively glowing review from The Hardball Times, excerpted in part below:

It’s likely you’ve never heard of George Jansen. This is just his second novel, and it’s published by a small house. You probably won’t find a big stack of copies at your local Barnes & Noble. You’ll probably have to seek this one out online.

Take my advice: Do so. Your effort will be more than amply rewarded. This is a flawless book, every bit as richly wrought as such classics of the genre as Eric Rolfe Greenberg’s The Celebrant and Harry Stein’s Hoopla, yet a quicker, funnier read than either of those. The Fade-away is something very special.

It’s worth reading the whole review, but you can get the gist of it from that. I might be biased, since I edited it and all, but I think both this and his first book, The Jesse James Scrapbook, published by Hilliard & Harris in 2003, are outstanding and absolutely worth picking up. Visit his website to learn more about George and Jesse James, and of course the most recent book.

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  • Nancy Sep 30, 2007

    Kristen—I went to college in B.G., OH with a guy named George Jansen. I remember him as a creative guy. Wondering if it could be one and the same.

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