8 True Things About Me

www.inkthinkerblog.com — A few weeks ago, I was tagged by the Frump for a meme on 8 random facts about myself. Here they are, in no particular order. And for the record, NO, I do not have 3 kidneys, and NO, I am not the Frump. Stop asking already!

  1. During college, I had a pierced tongue, a pierced navel, and 10 holes in my ears.
  2. When I was little, I totally believed my mom when she told me that that sound jets make flying overhead was actually the sound of the earth turning, and I called my best friend a “stupidhead” when she told me what it really was.
  3. I also believed that my dad was Superman thanks to a caricature that hung in his office, and that when I went to bed at night, Dumbo came over and the two of them flew around in our living room (which had a 24-foot ceiling, so it wasn’t that unbelievable).
  4. And that the rattling sound in a can of spray paint is what the Tooth Fairy did with the teeth she collected; that’s where she got the money to leave under our pillows, you know.
  5. I never cut class in high school, not even once.
  6. I regret my tattoo, which is nothing embarrassing (it’s a tree), but apparently its location qualifies it as a “tramp stamp.” That, and I found Leviticus 19:28 about two weeks after I got it. Oops.
  7. I don’t believe in Hell.
  8. I have to go to court tomorrow because I got a speeding ticket for going 64 in a 45 and I want to see if the judge will send me to traffic school instead of giving me points and making me pay because my driving record is flawless otherwise and I don’t want to ruin it.

Honestly, I hate memes, so I’m not going to tag anyone else. BUT if you want to voluntarily share 8 facts about yourself, please post the link as a comment so we can all get to know you better. We’d love that.

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  • Cory Oct 19, 2007

    This is fun! I’ll tag myself:

    1. I have no middle name.

    2. I sleep with my hands clasped behind my head.

    3. My grandfather found thousands of dollars in gold coins buried under our family’s cabin.

    4. I skipped third grade.

    5. I lived in a yurt in the mountains near Aspen, Colorado.

    6. When I was in college, I brought home my dirty dishes with me in the car to wash in my parents’ dishwasher.

    7. My husband is 11 years older than I am.

    8. I asked Kristen if she had three kidneys.

  • Kara Williams Oct 25, 2007

    I’m still keep track of my article queries – 84. Is anyone else?


  • Writing Frump Oct 25, 2007

    Oh, that anyone would think you were me! How utterly adorable! I do apologize for my anonymity causing you any undue stress. Cory dear, thank you for confessing to thinking Kristen was yours truly. Not so, but it is very nice to be mistaken for someone so young and talented.

  • Jessica Oct 28, 2007

    Hello Kara, actually out of nowhere I emailed KK with my totals from july, august, september and october and told her what to add to my total – so yeah I am :)

  • Melissa Donovan Oct 30, 2007

    And I thought tags only went around sites like MySpace. How odd to find them out in the great beyond.

    -Melissa Donovan
    Writing for Writers

  • Lori Oct 30, 2007

    Stupidhead? I love it! LOL

  • wingdingorama Oct 30, 2007

    I love your blog! (did that hurt?)

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