The Writer’s Strike Is Finally Over! Round-Up of Blog Commentary — After 3 months, during which time the majority of Americans turned on the television and whined more than once, “There’s nothing onnnnnnnnnn,” the Hollywood writers strike is now over thanks to a 92.5% vote by Writer’s Guild of America members to lift the restraining order for member writers.

Here are some early reactions from the freelance blogosphere. And for those coming into the discussion a little late, here is a timeline of the strike.

THE GOLDEN PENCIL In at least some of the so-called news there is a sense that somehow the end of the writer’s strike is not a good thing for writers. Take, for example, an article today in The New York Times called: Who Won the Writers Strike? Although the article certainly calls the strike a win for the long haul, there’s also a lot of talk about how, in the short term, Hollywood writers are hurting. Read more >>>

WHAT CAME DOWN TODAY The writers are back to work–today even–and of course, the question everyone has is not “how are the writers and their families doing?” but “when are my shows coming back?” Read more >>>

THE ARTICLE WRITER I’m not part of the Writers Guild of America nor am I completely “up” on all that they represent, but I have been keeping one eye on the events related to their three-month strike which has finally come to an end. If anything, the strike gave me an appreciation for what other writers do and some clarity about what was at stake. Read more >>>

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  • Matt Keegan Feb 13, 2008

    Thanks for sharing, Kristen. Yes, the strike is over! Glad to see that some people fought (and won) although the battle was especially bruising for the writers.

    I can’t wait to see some fresh material on the tube again soon.

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