Must-Reads for Freelance Writers: Tuesday, March 11 — There must be something in the air today, but I’m finding killer posts all over the place. Make some time to read these:

Types of Clients You’ll Likely Encounter as a Freelancer (from Telecommuting Diva)

I’ve been a freelance writer for a few years, and during this time, I’ve dealt with different types of clients. The typical client is appreciative and respects the fact that I do have a personal life. However, I’ve also ran into a few characters who thought my life and business revolved around their project.

Being a freelancer and working with varying personalities is similar to working in an office setting and dealing with an annoying boss or worrisome co-worker. The only difference is that in the freelance world – you can fire a client! Read more >>>

Are You a Confident Freelancer? (from Freelance Writing Jobs)

Whether you feel it or not, freelancers have to project a confident image. Think about it, who do you think an employer is most likely to hire? Someone confident in his ability or the writer who can’t get past his low self-esteem to find the words to toot his own horn? While this business, allows us a certain level of anonymity it’s not for the shy. Why does a freelancer need to be confident? Read more >>>

A Small Rant About Invoicing Clients (from Freelance Writing Jobs)

I don’t mind creating invoices to send to my clients. Indeed nothing makes me happier than to send out invoices at the end of the month. I know from my publishing days most writers won’t get paid without invoicing their clients. This doesn’t bother me. … My problem with invoices is how my stock invoice template won’t do. It seems as if just about every client has a specific format to follow. Everyone wants the same information, what different does the format make? Read more >>>

Writers and A Slowed Economy (from The Golden Pencil)

If you’re watching or listening to the news, or reading newspapers, you’ve got to be aware of how much talk is going on about the slowing of the U.S. economy. This kind of “news” drives me nuts, because it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. None the less, I can’t stop a recession by positive thinking and we freelance writers are actually part of the economy. But I don’t have to participate in a recession. That is, I don’t have to buy into the idea that I won’t make any money or I won’t make enough money during an economic downturn. Read more >>>

Get Your Nose Out of The Air and Relax (from Men With Pens)

“Daddy! Daddy! My school is having a contest for the most beautiful picture ever! I’m going to draw a unicorn… and a castle… and a princess… you can be the prince. Okay, Daddy?” …What do you do? Do you encourage your daughter, hand her crayons and tell her what a great artist she is? Or do you crumple the sheet, toss it in the garbage with a snort and say… “Sorry, honey. This is spec work. Your school should be ashamed. If they wanted your drawing, they should have given you money. You can’t enter. We don’t support spec work in this house.” Read more >>>

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  • Deb Ng Mar 11, 2008

    Thanks for the link love, Kristen. I love your new design too! Tell me, where’d you get your Twitter sidebar widget?

  • Thanks for the linkout!

  • Kristen King Mar 11, 2008

    @James – My pleasure! Great post. :)

    @Deb – You’re welcome! Thanks for the remarks on the design. I’m getting mixed reviews about the color scheme, but it’s a work in progress. ;) Re: the Twitter badge, log into your twitter account and go to It’s the flash one under “other.”

  • Anne Wayman Mar 11, 2008

    thanks for the mention… and the links to other great posts.

    Anne Wayman’s last blog post..Writers and A Slowed Economy

  • Lori Mar 12, 2008

    Oh, I have to agree with the special invoice peeve. I’ve been denied payment because of any number of things – “We needed an invoice number for your invoice.” Uh, either TELL me or put one on yourself, okay? Don’t delay payment for a month instead! Or “We couldn’t pay you because you didn’t submit the time sheet along with the invoice.” What time sheet exactly? My favorite – “We need all our invoices to be on a specific template.” That one came three months after they ignored all my previous invoices and after I’d threatened litigation.

  • I LOVE the post:

    Get Your Nose Out of The Air and Relax

    it was really an education for me to see how such a tempest was able to develop and shatter iron-clad teapots.



    Barbara Ling (aka Owlbert)’s last blog post..How to Recession-proof your blog and business today – Secrets revealed!

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