20 Signs You Should Run, Not Walk, Away From That Client

(www.inkthinkerblog.com) — An apropos follow-up to yesterday’s post about pricing disconnect, no? Zeldman.com presents 20 signs you don’t want that web design project, and all of them had me nodding in agreement, shaking my head in disbelief, or laughing out loud. Writing and web design may be different, but the clients are all the same…

Case in point:

17. Client begins first meeting by making a big show of telling you that you are the expert. You are in charge, he says: he will defer to you in all things, because you understand the web and he does not. (Trust your uncle Jeffrey: this man will micromanage every hair on the project’s head.)

Which one of these client red flags speaks to you most?

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  • Becca Dec 9, 2008

    So true! My personal favorite is the client who hires you to write content but then disappears without giving you any sort of direction or information. Then they suddenly appear asking for a status. One of the reasons I’ve been getting a lot my work through oDesk is because I like their feedback system. At least I can weed through the red flaggers to find the good clients.

  • Mary-Lynn Dec 11, 2008

    I had a potential client like this. He began micromanaging before I’d even agreed to take the job! Fortunately for my sanity, I passed on his project.

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