Appreciating Freelancing: Creativity

998826_face_paint_6.jpg( — Yesterday for Freelance Writers Appreciation Week 2009, I talked about how I love the flexibility of the freelance lifestyle. Something else I love is the creativity freelancing both inspires and requires. Being creative goes far beyond writing compelling copy. It’s about how you find work, how you run your business, how you balance working with living. It’s also about how you position yourself, the projects you take on, and the ways you earn your income. When it comes down to it, freelancing is ALL about creativity, and not just in the work product.

You’ve already shared some of your favorite things about freelancing. What else do you love?

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  • Michelle Davis Feb 18, 2009

    I love that I walk my two children to the bus stop each morning and am standing there waiting for them every afternoon. I love that on days there is no school I can take them to a museum. I love that I can be a mother, but still express my professional creativity through freelancing. I love working on a variety of projects that are, at times, completely different and hold my interest. I love working each day while sipping my green tea and wearing my puffy slippers.

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