Writing Humor: And You Thought YOUR Resume Was Bad…

484010_business_man_modified.jpg(www.inkthinkerblog.com) — Yesterday I stumbled across a hilarious list of 150 resume mistakes, bloopers, and blunders that had me laughing out loud. How funny are they? Well, let’s put it this way: “I am a wedge with a sponge taped to it. My purpose is to wedge myself into someone’s door to absorb as much as possible.” Uh, okay…

What’s the worst resume no-no you’ve seen? Leave a comment!

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  • Kaarin Feb 20, 2009

    Fantastic link! Some of the bloopers read like bad pickup lines!

  • Rachel Rose Feb 20, 2009

    Oh, man… total LAUGH OUT LOUD material! Ha!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Kristen King Feb 21, 2009

    @Kaarin, they totally do! I think my favorite resume ut-oh was a guy who listed the reason for leaving his last job as, “My new boss was a total butthead so I quit.”

    @Rachel, glad you enjoyed it! I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. Some of these are completely unbelievable, but at the same time, I totally believe there are people this stupid out there.

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  • Kari Feb 23, 2009

    For years my resume said something like “I have extensive pubic speaking skills” A member of a board of directors I was applying to be on pointed it out to me and I promptly removed “pubic” from my computer’s dictionary. Very embarrassing.

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