SOBCon09 Day 2, Session 2 With Kali Evans-Raoul #SOBCon

( — I’m at SOBCon09 in Chicago with @lizstrauss and @starbucker. I’m taking notes as people talk, so there will be typos; deal with it. Kali Evans-Raoul on being seen, heard, and understood.

Eighty percent of our success is attributable to presence and exposure, because we are programmed to think that what we see is what we get. Performance will keep you in the game, but it doesn’t make you win. What separates the winners from the players is the speed of information transfer. People buy the messenger first, the message second, and the product third.

The consultant dilemma is that you do the work and people are buying you. But what happens when you need to grow and scale and you are no longer doing all the work. Who are you? What is your brand? What is the essence of you? Identify 3-5 attributes that capture the essence of you and your brand, whether yourself or your business. Liz’s are authentic, creative, irresistible, loving, and one more I can’t remember. Sorry!

How do you make sure you look, sound, and behave in line with your attributes? Living the brand is the challenge. Ideally, your personal brand and your professional or company brand should have some overlap. If they’re dramatically different, the business needs to change. Unless you are a spy, it does you no good to walk into a room and go unnoticed. It’s better to be hated for who you are than to be loved for who you’re not. But the real tragedy is to not give people the choice of whether to love or hate by not being your true self.

The purpose of the attributes is to define core values. Everything else is the manifestation of those values. Without the articulation of the core values, it’s nearly impossible to know what direction to go in. Be aware when you’re blocking yourself. We’re afraid of playing big. If I really looked like and sounded like and acted like I say I am online, it’s the “Holy sh**” factor. What would happen if I were out there actually being who I say I am online?

“Impostor syndrome” is normal and how we grow. It’s how you let the world grow you.


  • Have a firm handshake – Don’t be wishy-washy, don’t hurt them, don’t linger too long.
  • Biz card etiquette – If you want to stay in touch, ask for THEIR card. Don’t give them yours unless they ask for it.
  • Edit your phone email signature – Let people know that you’re sending e-mails from your phone like “Sent from my handheld; please forgive brevity and potential typos.”
  • Have an enrolling 10-second elevator pitch.
  • Get a steamer because it’s easier than ironing.
  • Love your outbound voicemail greeting.
  • Make sure your personal and professional space articulate your brand values.

When you’re not using the physical you when you’re out in the world, you cannot count the loss of that.

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  • Carlie Jun 25, 2011

    Big help, big help. And superlative news of crouse.

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