What if Sarah Palin’s Resignation Speech Had Been Written Professionally?

(www.inkthinkerblog.com) — I’ve been working under the assumption here that Palin’s recent resignation speech from her post as governor of Alaska wasn’t written by a pro. If you’ve heard it, you understand why. But Vanity Fair took it a step further when they actually edited the speech for us.

And the result is fairly hilarious. See the edited version of Palin’s resignation for yourself.

What do you think? Is this version better, worse, or about the same?

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  • Chinamatt Jul 21, 2009

    Amazing what an editor can do to such awful writing. Still, not a great speech though. I honestly believe a few hundred chimps at typewriters could write better than Palin…and I’d prefer to vote for the chimps.

    Chinamatt´s last blog post..Electoral Blues

  • Andy Jul 21, 2009

    I can see why your job is in such high demand! Every correction here made a lot of sense, but I just couldn’t bare to look through the whole thing. I just became infinitely more thankful that people like Kristen King exist! People look at me troubleshooting a single missing character in code that is causing a website not to do the desired thing, and think I’m crazy. I feel the same way for people who edit other people’s bad English. But the world is a lot better off with crazy people to help us!

  • Funny Questions Jul 25, 2009

    Sarah Louise Palin (pronounced /?pe?l?n/; née Heath; born February 11, 1964) is the 11th and current Governor of the U.S. state of Alaska.

    Palin was a member of the Wasilla, Alaska, city council from 1992 to 1996 and the city’s mayor from 1996 to 2002. After an unsuccessful campaign for Lieutenant Governor of Alaska in 2002, she chaired the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission from 2003 until her resignation in 2004

  • Liza Jul 30, 2009

    What would we do without people like Sarah Palin to add a bit of amusement and unintentional humor to the world?

  • Frugal Deals Jul 30, 2009

    that’s really a funny speech… and believed me everything that i read about palin from the time she was contesting for the VP post and the time she lose it… and now at the time of her resignation…. she gave people such a great laugh… that i didn’t mind reading something about her… rather than skipping a episode of the friends series :)

  • Longest Drive Jul 31, 2009

    She’s a member of local deer hunting club too. So long, Sarah.

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