Searching for a Hero — From my friend Gary at American Legacy Media, LLC:

Will you help me research my next book?

I’m still in the preliminary stages, but the working title for the book is: “Quiet Heroes: America’s Greatest Stories of Heroism You’ve NEVER Heard.” I am hoping to find stories about unsung or little known American heroes.

The hero may only be known to your local community, or just family and close acquaintances. The heroism could have taken place at war-time, at work, or in the course of everyday events. Regardless of whether the act was publicly recognized or not, I want to hear about it. It’s also important that the hero still be alive, as I may need to talk to them.

To be specific, I am looking for stories about someone who, in a singular act, ignored their own safety to protect or save the life of another AND, since that event, has lived a life of honor and integrity.

If you know someone who has accomplished something heroic, please let me know by completing the form here:

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