Hilarious Caption Contest

www.inkthinkerblog.com — DC local Donovan Kelly is running a laugh-out-loud-funny contest to find the perfect caption for this picture.

Here are the details from his website:

What we really need is a better caption for the photo of the meeting between an unknown ant and Buchwald’s first kidney stone. Photo was taken by geologist Ed Dwornik, who irreverently noted that the kidney stone was pretty small and, as a museum exhibit, no Hope Diamond.

Send your photo caption suggestions labeled “kidney stone” to me at donovank9@aol.com.

First prize is an autographed copy of my book, Quest for the Holy Grill: 50 Crummy But Good Restaurants within Rambling Range of Washington, DC.

Second prize is two copies!

Not enough in prizes? How about a free year’s subscription to élan Magazine?
How about if first prize includes a $100 gift certificate from élan to the famous Tuscarora Mills Restaurant in Leesburg, Va.?

OK, maybe it doesn’t qualify as a crummy restaurant, but it sure is good!

Enter today. Deadline is June 15. Winners announced here July 1.

Let me know if you enter.
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