New Mag for the Magazine Industry: FREEBIE Included — Check out this great special offer, courtesy of one of my connections (who, incidentally, is not the person who sent the message, but rather the person who hooked me up):

Hi Kristen,

You may have heard that AURAS Design is launching a new magazine for publication pros called [FPO]. We really would like you to help spread the word. There’s a 20-page sample pdf of the magazine at that anyone can download.

We’d like you to forward this email to other people you think might be interested in a magazine for editors, designers and production people.

We ARE trying to generate some e-mail buzz, but there is something in it for everyone who forwards this announcement. To say thanks, we’re offering everyone a FREE e-workbook: “The Ten-Step Do-It-Yourself Magazine Critique.” Just follow this link:

Please help AURAS spread the word and make [FPO] a success! And let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see in future issues.


Rob Sugar

Spread the word, babies. But please be polite and link back here so the entire announce is included.

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  • Katharine Swan Oct 1, 2007

    I’m tagging you for yet another meme — this time the Random 8 Meme. Have fun!

  • Cory Oct 2, 2007

    The content looks interesting, but it’s hard to get past the typos. I pointed out some typos in the premiere issue when parts of it were posted on the magazine’s site, but it looks like none of them were fixed (and a bunch more typos were added). How disappointing.

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