Figure Out Your Earning Style to Improve Your Business — I swear, if we both weren’t already married, I would propose to Chris Garrett. This man knows exactly what I need exactly when I need it, and he gives it to me in such a way that I can’t remember what life was like before that.

Take today’s post on, “Making Real Money Online: What Type of Earner Are You?” Here’s an excerpt:

Since leaving school at age 15 I have been an employee. Even though I have had my own company since 2005, nothing changed, I was still being an employee. While I have made a decent living by many standards, I realized my situation was not improving and I needed a shift in strategy.

had left the world of working for a salary and a boss to working for a different type of salary and a different type of boss.

Working for yourself is supposed to mean freedom of schedule, being able to choose what you do and greater earning potential. For a while I had none of that, I had traded almost like for like.

He goes on to describe three types of earners and four critical steps to diversifying your income and opening up your schedule. Think of it as required reading for freelancers, and all the better since it’s the first post in a series. Check it out right now.

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