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Network — I can’t tell you much about them other than that they exist, but I came aross Network Freelance today and found it interesting. Not interesting enough to join off the bat, mind you, but interesting nonetheless.

It’s a newish site with the tagline, “Contracts & Community for Freelance PR & Marketing Professionals.” NF is based in the UK, and that’s where the vast majority of its job offerings seem to be. The most recent job posting, as of this writing, is December 21, and the earliest is November 27, so they haven’t been around long and it doesn’t look like a particularly active job board.

The community aspects seem potentially beneficial: forums and links to member blogs. But the thing is, there are hardly any forums members and only one blog posted.

My take on it: They’re new and an unknown quantity, but it could be worthwhile to join. I’m going to keep an eye on things and see how fast/if it grows before I make a decision.

Do you have any experience with Network Freelance? Leave a comment, please!

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