The Query Challenge So Far — This time around, I’m not going to post a list of the participants unless a majority of them want me to because I think it freaked people out to have their numbers up for all the world to see. BUT, I will keep you updated on how many participants we have.

As of this moment, there are — drumroll, please — 42 folks participating in the 2008 Inkthinker Query Challenge. I would love to have 50 by the end of the week!

Not sure it’s for you? Check out the official 2008 kickoff and rules/regs post and sign up using the form at the top of the page.

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  • Chryselle Jan 3, 2008

    Not sure about everybody else, but it was the numbers and the fun of the competition that kept me in the race :-D It *is* a challenge, after all.

    Another advantage of posting everybody’s names and links to their blogs/sites was that one discovered a whole new list of writers. I enjoyed visiting the blogs of the writers (among others) that had high query totals. It was interesting to read how they go about the writing life.

    Lots of lessons to be learnt from other writers, so yes, I hope you list all the participants!


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