Guest Article: Copywriting Tips – Top Tips For 2008 And Beyond — Copywriting Tips – Top Tips For 2008 And Beyond
By Steven Wagenheim

Everybody is getting ready for the new year. We’ve put 2007 behind us and now it’s time to focus our attention on what’s to come. Even though copywriting doesn’t really change much from year to year, there are some things I want to share with you in this article that I think will greatly improve your sales copy for 2008. It is my hopes that after you are done reading this that you’ll be ready to tackle the year ahead and have the best one that you’ve ever had, whatever your goals are.

The first, and maybe most important tip I can give you is to learn from your 2007 mistakes. Hopefully, you tracked the results of your sales copy. If not, that’s the first thing that you MUST correct. It is imperative to know what effects the changes that you make to your copy have on your bottom line. If you don’t know whether a new headline performs better or worse than the previous version, how do you know which version to keep when testing your next headline against it? So testing and tracking is absolutely critical if you’re going to write the most effective copy possible.

My second tip is to constantly study the sales copy that you see each day, especially the ones that are the top products in the Clickbank marketplace. There is a reason why these products sell so well. One of those reasons is that the sales copy is so well written. You can learn so much just from studying the sales copy of other writers. I do this daily. I try to read at least one sales copy page per day to get new ideas. Sometimes I don’t find anything new. Other days, I find real gems.

My final tip is to develop a voice for your copy. What I mean is this. Every great copywriter, regardless of what niche they write for, has a voice. You can tell their style a mile away. They work very hard at creating this voice. It’s what separates them from the other copywriters. My voice is my to-the-point no nonsense style. I am very direct with my copy. For that matter, I am very direct with everything I write. It’s what most people appreciate about me. No bull…just straight talk. Some copywriters inject a lot of humor into their copy. Others will paint vivid pictures. Whatever you do, make sure you do it on a consistent basis so that people will begin to recognize and respect your style of writing.

The above three tips will help you greatly in taking your copywriting to the next level in 2008.

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To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

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  • Solomon Jan 10, 2008

    Hi, Steven!
    The suggestions are great. Could you please tell me a site where I can read the great ads written, which I think I should read and reread.
    I want to have a distinct voice of myself. I don’t know only others can tell. I want to talk always straight and bold, I feel that characterises me.
    Thanks for the great post!

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