January 2008 Query Challenge Success Story: Patricia Harrelson (1)

Query Challenge Success Storywww.inkthinkerblog.com — Patricia says…

I’m in the process of developing my business web site and YEEHAW! as a result of one of my first queries this month, I’ve been hired to revamp and write a blog for a local entrepreneur. I’m excited to put to use all that I’ve been learning about business/professional blogging. The query challenge kicked me in the seat of the pants and I’m excited to have two jobs and two nibbles out of my first, albeit most promising, queries.

I’m just developing my freelance business after retireing from teaching college English for 25 years. This is a personal rather than a business blog and my webpage is still in the design stage. But it seemed smart to accept the Query Challenge as a mean to get the ball rolling. As these post relates, there were a few missing steps in my business development or to use a cliche: I put the cart before the horse by sending out the first three queries, but I’m not sorry. Thanks for kindly shove to get going. I have my next three queires lined up and ready to send out on Monday

Woohoo! Patricia posted about her exciting query successes at her Twilight Me blog. Check it out!

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