Guest Series on PLR Articles, Part 1: PLR Basics, by Hope Wilbanks — Private label rights articles, also called PLR articles, are one piece of the pie when it comes to making money online as a writer. PLR article writing is a hot market for writers because PLR articles are always in huge demand. Here’s a look at some of the basics of PLR…

What is PLR?

PLR articles are articles that are written based on a formulaic type of writing. Each article contains a main idea, followed by two or three supporting points, then a conclusion. PLR articles are usually sold in large numbers, such as in packages or bundles.

Who buys PLR, and why?

Internet marketers create the big demand for PLR articles. They gobble up PLR content quickly because it’s cheaper and easier than hiring a writer to write unique content for them on a regular basis. Savvy online marketers take PLR articles and rewrite them, making them unique.

Some writers have thumbed their noses at other writers who produce PLR articles, claiming PLR writers are contributing to the “junk” factor on the Internet. While some PLR websites sell junky PLR content that is literally re-distributed thousands of times over online, running a small PLR business puts you in a unique position. Because you are writing the content yourself, you can offer limited distributions of your PLR articles, making them much more unique and valuable than others.

The whole point of buying PLR articles is to have material that can be dissected, rewritten and used in a variety of ways online, including but not limited to:

  • Articles on a website
  • Blog posts
  • Autoresponder series
  • Newsletter content

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about how to write PLR articles in Part 2.

Hope Wilbanks

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