KK’s Client Emily Winslow Signs 2-Book Deal With Bantam Dell

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From this morning’s Publishers Weekly “Deal” report (boldfacing and links mine):

Kate Miciak at Bantam Dell preempted North American rights to Emily Winslow’s The Whole World in a two-book deal with Cameron McClure at Donald Maass. This debut begins with an American student who moves to Cambridge to escape her past, but when her boyfriend disappears in a replay of the tragedy she’s been trying to forget, she sets a series of crimes in motion.

Yes, that is the same Emily Winslow whom I interviewed in October of 2007 (after I finished editing and critiquing the manuscript and made the exciting but vague announcement), when she secured representation and started shopping her first novel. That was five months ago. Five months! And for those who aren’t familiar with Kate Miciak, she’s VP executive editor at Bantam, which is part of Random House.

According to Emily, Miciak loved the book so much that she got approval, negotiated the contract, and shook hands (over the phone) on the deal in a single business day. AND she’s editing it herself, not passing it on to an associate. That’s gotta make a writer feel good!

The Whole World is aimed to be released in hardcover in summer 2009, with a second book (already well into the first draft) to follow in summer 2010.

This is proof that it happens, folks. Don’t give up the dream. And don’t forget to come back later this week for more news on this — Emily agreed to another interview.

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  • Debbi Mar 10, 2008

    Wow! That’s awesome. I know fiction writers with agents who’ve been trying to sell their work for years. And she got a contract in five months? This book must be something special. (Having Donald Maass as an agent is another good indication of that.)

    The book sounds intriguing. I will have to keep a look-out for it.

    Congrats, Kristen, on helping a new novelist get that first book published!


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