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fpo magazine design for placement only( — My friend Nancy is associate editor at FPO Magazine, and she notified me of a fun opportunity that I am passing along to you, with permission of course.

We’re working on FPO Issue #4, MAGZ: Magazines from A to Z, an issue-length “grazing section.” Below is a working list of categories we plan to include, and we hope you’ll help us fill them.

Send us your TIPZ and TRICKZ, for layouts, websites and workflow. Tell us your FAVORITEZ—mentors, books, fonts, spreads, in fact, anything that speaks to magazine design, editorial or production. Fill us in on WAYZ you “get creative” when you’re brain-tired or deadline-crunched. Point out obscure PUBZ we oughta know about, and fun websites—if it’s about magazines, we want to hear it. We’ll share our own “Top 10” lists of everything and anything under the creative umbrella—or you can send your own.

  • Words We Never Want to See Again
  • Top Ten Typefaces
  • Top Ten Overused Typefaces
  • Great Websites
  • Big Ideas, Small Publishers
  • Favorite Magazine
  • New Typefaces
  • Great Magazine Covers
  • Grammarcheck (funny faux pas)
  • Best New (and Old) Books
  • Magazine Launches
  • Other People’s Lists
  • My Favorite Spreads
  • Illustrator Spotlight
  • Program Tips
  • Free Stuff
  • Type Tips
  • Design Tips
  • Editing Tips
  • Magazine Comebacks
  • Top 10 Cliché Headlines

Everyone whose contributions we publish will get attribution in the magazine, a link on the [FPO] website, a cool “Get Creative” tee, and of course, a copy of the issue. Send us as many or as few cool ideas as you’d like to share, in any form. Share your ideas at, or email them directly to me at or

Thanks! We look forward to hearing from you!

Associate Editor, FPO Magazine

FPO is a beautiful magazine and they’re great to work with, so I would really encourage you to send in your suggestions if any of these categories spark your creativity. I’ve already got some good ones for Other People’s Lists, Grammarcheck, and Editing Tips… Go to it!

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  • Nancy Aug 28, 2008


    Thanks for posting this on your blog, and for all you do for writers, editors and other creatives! Keep it up!


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