Blog Promotion Links From My BlogHerDC Breakout Session

( — I just finished the Blogging Basics: 6 Steps to Personalize, Polish, and Promote Your Blog session at BlogHer DC on the BlogHer Reach Out tour, and it was excellent. My co-panelists, Liz Henry, Roni Noone, and Andrea Meyers, shared some excellent information, including Andrea’s PowerPoint presentation on polishing your blog.

As promise, here are the links I shared during my intensive break-out session on promoting your blog:

  • Twitter — A platform to tell people what you’re doing in 140 characters or less. Free. Addictive. “Follow,” or receive updates from, people who interest you and share your updates with them if they follow you back. Great for building community and finding new blogs and blog readers.
  • TwitterFeed — A tool to automatically push blog post titles and links (and lots of other things) to your followers.
  • StumbleUpon — A social bookmarking tool and community valuable for promoting strong content, finding new blogs and bloggers, and building social authority in your content area. Give posts you like a thumbs up and ones you don’t a thumbs down, and pick a category like writing, parenting, health, inspiration, etc.
  • Buzz — A new social bookmarking tool from Yahoo where users can submit blog posts and articles that are then Buzzed Up or Buzzed Down by other users.
  • Digg — One of the best known if not THE best known when it comes to social bookmarking and social authority. Submit posts, Digg what you like, bury what you don’t.

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