Appreciating Freelancing: No Dress Code

( — Admit it: You love working in sweats and flip-flips, too!

Don’t get me wrong: I don’t just live in pajamas. But on days I feel like working in jeans and a ratty sweatshirt, I can! For me, the comfort afforded me by being self-employed and working from home is something I appreciate about my freelance life every day (not just during Freelance Writers Appreciation Week). Like today for instance:

Photo 47.jpg

This morning, I discovered that my slowly-growing-out short hair is almost long enough for pigtails — so you know I just had to take the opportunity to rock them hardcore. And by “hardcore,” I mean “totally messy and probably wouldn’t even walk to the mailbox like this.”

Don’t think I meet clients this way. But when I’m getting my creativity on, pantyhose and slacks don’t really do it for me. Yet another thing I just love about freelancing.

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  • Monica Feb 12, 2009

    I’m with you. It’s been pretty cold in London and I am loving spending my working hours in my warm comfy sweatpants, alongside a hot pot of tea. Bliss.

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  • I tend to dress to feel good about myself but I’m often without shoes. Some freelancers believe that it is important to put shoes on, it helps get you in the mindset to work but for me, when I’m REALLY working hard I’m curled up on my chair and have to be comfortable.

    There are times when I dress up for work. When meeting clients either via webcam or in person, it is important to make a good impression. I also dress up when I need to boost my mood. Wearing the kind of clothes I wish filled my closet is a great way to inspire hard work.

    Still, the ability to wear what I CHOOSE is definitely something to appreciate. No set dress code, no uniform, no name badge or business logo on my shirt, not forcing my hair back or gloves on my hands. It’s the freedom to choose how I dress, what I wear, and the option to wear nothing at all or work late in my pjs if the mood strikes. ;-)

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  • Lori Feb 16, 2009

    Loving the clippie look there. :)

    I’ve long ago banished pantyhose from my life – they look wrong no matter what you’re wearing!

    As I type this, I’m sitting here with my bra unhooked. Seriously. I know Victoria’s Secret – pain in the form of underwire. It’s days like this I love my job best. :))

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  • Kristen King Feb 16, 2009

    @Monica, I am so all about the hot tea and comfy pants.

    @Rebecca, For me, it’s all about being able to choose what works best for me on a given day instead of having to conform to biz cas or whatever no matter what. :) Sounds like we have that in common.

    @Lori, TMI, girlfriend! LOL Next time I’m in your neighborhood, we’re going shopping for undergarments that don’t cause serious physical pain. ;)

  • Boris Feb 17, 2009

    I laugh when I think about the saying “dress for success.’ Especially as I site here in sweats and a t-shirt. OMG I am glad not to be back in the corporate world.

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  • Kristen King Feb 17, 2009

    @Boris, think of it more as “dress for the job you want.” As in, I want to lie around in sweats all day. Heh.

  • raleigh web design Feb 18, 2009

    I agree. I love working from home to get things done and just sitting there in my Pajamas.

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  • Bill Ross Feb 18, 2009

    Definitely. That’s one of the advantages of freelancing work is having the freedom to dress down whenever you want.

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  • Kim Woodbridge Feb 18, 2009

    I would totally walk to the mailbox with my hair like that ;-)

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