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Social Media Success Summit 2009( — By now you’ve heard the buzz about Social Media Success Summit 2009. And if you haven’t, you’ve probably been living under a social media-free rock the last few weeks. :)

Before I tell you how this online event will speed your path to social media marketing success, let me share a story with you.


A few months ago, Michael Stelzner (the guy who wrote the book on white papers) surveyed about 900 social media marketers and wrote a report on how they use sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  Only three days after releasing his report, Social Media Marketing Industry Report: How Marketers Are Using Social Media to Grow Their Businesses, more than 15,000 people read it and hundreds posted comments.

Within two weeks, nearly 30,000 people had read his report, more than 100 media outlets and bloggers wrote about it (including me!), and it was reposted on Twitter more than 1500 times!  He also was offered $30,000 to do some work directly resulting from the buzz around his report.

Almost overnight, he was being called a social media expert (a term he denies) and popular podcasters were trying to book airtime with him.

This all took place via social media.  He simply leveraged the power of sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to deliver the kind of results that would have cost him a fortune in the past.  This didn’t cost him a dime, just his time.

Now the connection…  The future of marketing is all about social media because it bypasses the middleman and allows you to rapidly connect with your clients and prospects!  AND this presents an enormous opportunity for you.


Michael (and his team) have been working for months to bring the best minds in social media marketing together in an event called Social Media Success Summit 2009.

The focus is to empower you to use tools like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to attract high-caliber customers and grow your business during the economic slump.  Not only can you gain amazing exposure for your business with social media marketing, you’ll also generate traffic, new partnerships and qualified leads.

Many of the social media marketing superstars will be summit instructors, such as Gary Vaynerchuk (Wine Library TV), Darren Rowse (Problogger), Mari Smith (Facebook guru), Jason Alba (wrote the book on LinkedIn), Ann Handley (MarketingProfs), Brian Clark (Copyblogger), Chris Garrett (Authority Blogger), and Denise Wakeman (BlogSquad). Together this team of “who’s who” in social media marketing will help you succeed using practical tactics.

This is the world’s first major online event designed to empower marketers and small business owners to master the art social media marketing.  And the great news is it’s a live online event you can attend from your home or office.

More details and registration info here


First, you don’t need to be a techno-geek or twentysomething to use and benefit from social media (even though I do happen to be the latter ;]).  You might be surprised to learn that most social media marketers are aged 30 to 50 and have only been using social media for a few months.

In fact, even traditional businesses like Ford Motor Company are heavily focused on social media.  This is not some “young kids” phenomenon.

Social Media Success Summit 2009 will help you discover the best ways to market your business with popular social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  You’ll also learn how major social media campaigns were executed and how you can achieve similar results (play-by-play steps provided).

It’s fully dedicated to empowering you.  You’ll discover how to grow your business using no-cost social media tactics.

Yes, attending this online event (and applying the techniques) will grow your business.  But there’s much more.  You’ll also join a community of like-minded women and men who’ll share their experiences and wisdom.

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Oh, and did I mention the discount? You can get 40% off if you act now.  There are 11 original sessions on using social media to market your business.  Be sure to check them out.  I know that each of the presenters has created NEW content for this event.

Remember, the experts teach the sessions live (and it’s all online).  These are big names, including Gary Vaynerchuk, Darren Rowse, Mari Smith, Jason Alba, Ann Handley, Brian Clark, Chris Garrett and Denise Wakeman. And here’s the cool part: you don’t need to leave your home or office!

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Oh, but wait, there’s more! As a way of saying “thanks” for checking out the summit, there’s a gift just for marketers (valued at $39) waiting for you here.

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