SOBCon09 Day 2, Session 1 Q&A Panel #SOBCon

( — I’m at SOBCon09 in Chicago with @lizstrauss and @starbucker. I’m taking notes as people talk, so there will be typos; deal with it. First on Saturday, discussion panel. But I’m tired and it’s hard to keep keep track of who’s talking, so I kind of gave up about 10 minutes in. But basically, this was the gist of it. Honest.

Chris Garrett — Uber ProBlogger / author

Lucretia Pruitt – Social Media Strategist

Jason Falls — Social Media Explorer

Zena Weist — Brand Strategist

The better you are at the traditional stuff, you can translate it over to this othrer medium but you still have to do this traditional stuff. There’s a lot more behind this than just doing it, than just learning the lingo. You still have to get the business part of it right.

Social Media’s Value Targets

  • Keep my faith in humanity
  • Make me laugh (or sing)
  • Inform me
  • Teach me
  • Inspire and challenge me
  • Sell me

Most people should start more or less from the outside and work their way in.

Jason: Your central goal should be whatever your organization is trying to accomplish. “I don’t think Twitter is a marketing platform. I don’t think people should market on Twitter.”

Lucretia: Twitter can’t be a primary marketing tool, but if you’re building a long-term relationship with someone, there’s the repeat sale. It’s soft-skill marketing.

Chris: It’s marketing in a wider sense, of market creation. It’s not a direct sales tool. It’s a really good free focus group; people give ou opinions whether you ask for it or not.

Zena: It’s customer service, product research, continuing to build on that relationship. It’s more of a covnersation.

Jason: Conversational marketing is really what social media is. It’s a fantastic customer service platform.

Chris: Social media adds to the funnel you already have. “I have to pay a mortgage. I have to feed my kid.” Social media is addictive, fun, and chatty, but it does not replace good business.

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  • Dan Waldron May 2, 2009

    I must say this is a great article i enjoyed reading it keep the good work :)

  • Zena Weist May 3, 2009

    Thanks for covering our morning panel, Kristen! We were running through things so quickly I wasn’t taking notes. Really appreciate your summary.

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