January 2008 Query Challenge Success Story: Patricia Harrelson (2)

Query Challenge Success Storywww.inkthinkerblog.com — Patricia says…

It’s been a great month and the Query Challenge has kept me pushing forward as I start my freelance business. I already sent you the story about not having a pricing chart and the permalink to my personal blog describing that incident. As a result of one query, I’m now also blogging on a network to which I would be thrilled to get links.

I sent 13 queries in January. From those, I got 5 YES and 2 that I’m still negotiating. I’m quite happy with these results and scrambling to keep up. Not making a mint yet, but there is money coming in.

Patricia, that is excellent. Every penny counts, and as you know, there’s more to being successful as a writer than just “making a mint” — though that certainly is nice! Keep us posted.

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