January 2008 Query Challenge Success Story: Diana Eid

Query Challenge Success Storywww.inkthinkerblog.com — Diana says…

I just found out one of my assignments from the query got accepted and published. Here’s my success story:

I ended up getting dumped by this guy and was so upset that I wrote about it. I wrote until all my feelings were out on paper. Then I ended up looking up the 5 Stages of Grief and realized that it could apply to me as well. I decided to query the editor at SheKnows.com about writing a humorous article on the 5 Stages of Relationship Grief. She was excited to see what I would come up with. I sent it to her, and after a few revisions it is now published on their site.

I ended up getting a publishing credit AND making some money from the breakup! :)

Well, if that’s not making lemonade from lemons, I don’t know what is! Diana’s story is a primo example of how to turn real-life experiences into publishable work! Nice job, Diana.

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