I Am Writer, Hear Me Roar

Kristen King Awarded a Roar for Powerful Wordswww.inkthinkerblog.com — Kathy, everyone’s favorite Irreverent Freelancer, tagged me last month for a meme called “I Am Writer, Hear Me Roar” and bestowed upon me a Roar for Powerful Words Award. The rules are to post three writing tips that you’ve learned along the way, and then nominate 5 more bloggers to take up the meme.

My Tips:

  • Talking about writing and thinking about writing do not make you a writer. Writing is what makes you a writer. If you want to be a writer, then you must write.
  • Endless editing does not help you get the writing done. Write first, edit later. Much later. Like after you’re finished with the writing. Trust me.
  • There are a million reasons not to write. The trick is to find the reason to write that means the world to you.

I nominate:

  1. Anne Wayman
  2. Hope Wilbanks
  3. Jenn Mattern
  4. Mike Stelzner
  5. Dean Rieck

What’s your best writing wisdom? Leave a comment!

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