October 20 is the National Day on Writing

www.inkthinkerblog.com — On Thursday, October 8, the U.S. Senate passed a resolution designating October 20, 2009,  as the National Day on Writing. Sponsored by the National Council of English Teachers (NCET), the National Day on Writing aims to:

  • highlight the remarkable variety of writing we engage in today;
  • provide a collection for research on whether writing today has risen to new highs or sunk to new lows; and
  • help us help others to write better.

NCET has launched the National Gallery of Writing to showcase writing from all types of writers from all walks of life. And to help you get started writing, whether for publication, for the Gallery, or for your eyes only, NCET offers two excellent resources:

If you’d like to participate in the National Day on Writing, its easy: Just write! But you can do more, too. Submit a piece to the National Writing Gallery, start your own gallery, and check out the National Day on Writing all-day Webcast, which runs until 8 p.m. ET tonight.

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